Using Kent Hashtag Hours To Connect With Local Potential Customers

Using Kent Hashtag Hours To Connect With Local Potential Customers

Using Twitter for business marketing and networking is like comedy, let me explain.

Comedy you need a good joke – Twitter you need a good tweet

Comedy you need audience to visualise your words – Visualisation is worth 1000 tweets.

Comedy it is said timing is the most important factor for comedians – Timing is ever so important for people to read and digest your tweets.


Well lets take timing, making sure your message gets to your target audience can be a challenge, do you cheat and tweet every few minutes in the hope while alienating your existing followers. No

What I have found to be the best method is using local or specialist hash tag hours, these occur usually weekly at a regular time and you get a good congregation of relevant people online and interacting.

Hash hours I have found for Kent business’ are listed below;

#MaidstoneHour – Monday 4pm

#kenthour – Tuesday 8:00

#SoutheastHour – Tuesday 8:30

#BexleyHour – Thursday 4pm

#dartfordhour Thursday 8:30

Daily Hours For General Promotion

#UKBizLunch – 12pm

#1pmLunch – 1pm

#BizHour – 2pm

#B2BHour – 3pm


If you do business in a larger area outside of Kent there are loads of networking hours you can visit to connect with new potential customers. The best list of these were written by @aboutglos. Hash Hours UK

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